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Bringing the Family Together with Picture Puzzles

Family activities are becoming more difficult to find, but many families are turning to an old favorite—jigsaw puzzles. In addition to encouraging teamwork and fostering communication, this traditional activity is a great way to exercise the mind. Studies have shown that the assembly of puzzles helps children to develop necessary motor and spatial skills while also benefiting adults by keeping their minds limber. If you find that your family is more like a group of individuals who live under the same roof, consider instituting a family night that allows your family’s members to join into one unit while assembling a custom puzzle.

There are many ways that a family can enjoy assembling photo puzzles. One way is to create a competition between the different family members. This fun rivalry may be just the ticket needed to turn those cries of boredom into cries to excitement. If you decide to take this puzzle assembly route, you should first choose two picture puzzles that are identical in order to make the competition fair. If you have several different ages of children, you may need to choose age-appropriate puzzles in order to give everyone the same opportunity.

Another way to ensure that everyone will enjoy assembling a photo puzzle is to create a custom puzzle. What better way for the entire family to work together than over a custom jigsaw puzzle that they helped design? For this reason, it’s no surprise that many families turn to Up In Pieces to manufacture their custom jigsaw puzzle. These customized puzzles can include any image under the sun from a formal family photograph to a fun snapshot from your last family vacation. Additional options like borders, custom puzzle pieces, and text are sure-fire ways for everyone to practice their designer skills and become a jigsaw puzzle maker.