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Up In Pieces Custom Puzzles

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Custom Puzzles with Custom Pieces

Kick your custom puzzles up a notch with custom pieces! These unique twists on a traditional jigsaw puzzle allow you to create a truly unique puzzle that is both interesting and fun. Up In Pieces offers countless options when it comes to custom pieces for your custom made puzzle. Whether you want to add a word or a shape, once you see these clever pieces for your custom puzzles, you’ll be hooked!

What would be more interesting than including the name of a friend or loved one in your custom jigsaw puzzle? Both the young and the young at heart are sure to find favor in this truly unique way of creating a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Of course, the options are limitless when it comes to using this interesting inclusion. For example, imagine proposing to your sweetheart with a “Marry Me” puzzle piece. Business owners often find that including their business name in a give-away puzzle is the perfect way for people to remember their companies.

Another fantastic option for the picture puzzles so popular for personalization is custom shaped pieces. The selection for custom shaped pieces is widely varied, so you can include anything from an angel for those yuletide puzzles, a dolphin for those tropical puzzles, or a flying pig for those truly unique puzzles! Don’t be fooled into thinking that custom puzzle pieces make the puzzle’s assembly more difficult either. These pieces just add a bit of character to a personalized puzzle and can make the assembly process more enjoyable.