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Educational Value of Custom Puzzles

The very first custom puzzle was created by an English mapmaker for the specific use as a teaching aide. Today, puzzles are still being used for educational purposes with great success. Teachers, tutors, and researchers all agree that jigsaw puzzles are an excellent education tool that allows children to learn on a variety of different levels. Younger children benefit from jigsaw puzzles (especially custom jigsaw puzzles with artwork they can relate to) for the spatial ability that is required in order to fit the pieces into their respective places. Older children find puzzles a fun learning opportunity that allows them hands-on experience with the subject matter.

Customized puzzles have been used for educational purposes for a wide audience. Everyone from children to adults to individuals recuperating from debilitating illness or injury find a benefit in jigsaw puzzles. Since a puzzle is a low-tech method of teaching, more and more individuals are turning to this time-tested device. Instead of educational tools that can often distract a child’s attention, the custom puzzle is a great tool that allows a child to think for him or herself without a lot of extra bells and whistles. Custom puzzles make excellent gifts for any age of scholar.

Since puzzles make education fun, consider choosing a picture puzzle that will pique their interest. By tailoring a custom puzzle to fit the interest of the young recipient, he or she will be most apt to get the educational benefit from the task. Some teachers are even finding a way to incorporate mathematics into custom puzzles in order to make a somewhat dreary task of addition or multiplication tables much more interesting and fun.