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Using Custom Puzzles for Invitations

If a square piece of cardstock doesn’t hold up to your expectation of an invitation, look to custom puzzles. These great looking and fun types of invitations allow interaction between the recipient and the party host that is often lacking in most types of invitations. After all, who could pass up the chance to attend an event that was announced with a clever puzzle?

Personalized puzzle wedding invitations are unique for a wide variety of nuptial-related events. From the engagement announcement to the bridal shower to the wedding itself, newlyweds can use custom puzzles for all sorts of purposes. The photo puzzle is even being used as a unique thank you card that is sent with heartfelt appreciation from the new couple. Most invitation custom puzzles feature an attractive picture of the bride and groom along with textual information. However, the design options do not stop there as other graphics, borders, and special pieces can be included to make the puzzle stand out from the rest. After all, how many couples can say that their wedding invitations included a hidden set of wedding bells or their name as a puzzle piece? To alleviate any headaches and get the best looking invitation in town, you should consult the graphic designers on staff at Up In Pieces.

In addition to the physical photo puzzle that holds the key to the necessary information, there should be emphasis put on the presentation of the pieces. For this reason, Up In Pieces offers many options of boxes and bags that make a stunning statement when the package is opened. Furthermore, having the puzzle pieces neatly contained makes the mailing process a great deal easier.