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5 Ways to Make a Harder Jigsaw Puzzle

By jane, 08/26/2014 - 11:05
puzzle pieces with question marks

Are you, or someone you know, the type of puzzle fan that likes a challenge?  If so, here are some tips to help make your next photo puzzle one that will get you scratching your head.

1.  Make it bigger to accommodate more pieces
By choosing a larger puzzle size you can have the photo puzzle cut into more pieces.  An 8"x10" puzzle with 1" pieces will give you 80 pieces, whereas a 24"x32" puzzle with the same 1" piece size will yield 768 pieces.  

2.  Choose an unfamiliar cut style
Some puzzle companies, Up In Pieces included, offer more than just the standard jigsaw cut pieces we've all become accustomed to seeing.  An unfamiliar piece shape will force the mind to grasp onto something new, which can have other added benefits along with creating a more challenging puzzle.

3.  Use great care when selecting a photo
Jigsaw puzzles with images that are repetitive and similar in color throughout are far more difficult to assemble than puzzles where the image has one or 2 focal points.


4.  Make it 2-Sided
Once a challenging photo has been decided upon, you can take that same image and have it put on the backside of the puzzle rotated 90 degrees.  This will drive some people nuts as front/back and top/bottom options are thrown out the window.

5.  Set aside the edge pieces  
This is especially fun if the puzzle is being created to be given as a gift.  Before beginning assembly (or giving away), sort through the pieces and remove all of the edge pieces.  More often than not, when assembling a jigsaw puzzle people start by putting together the framework.  Without edge pieces to help start the layout the puzzle doer may feel like there's less direction to follow while building.

Have other tips to increase jigsaw puzzle difficulty?  We'd love to hear!