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Acrylic Jigsaw Puzzles

By jane, 06/05/2014 - 12:39
custom acrylic puzzles

There are many different methods used when creating jigsaw puzzles today. Long gone are the days where a puzzle maker had to use a jig to hand cut each individual piece from a plank of wood. Though some puzzle makers do still use a jig to hand cut jigsaw puzzles, there are other more economical options available when shopping for puzzles. Along with jig cut puzzles, there are die cut puzzles and laser cut puzzles.

Up In Pieces uses the laser cut method when creating jigsaw puzzles. By using a laser to cut our puzzles we can control where our cut lines lay and what shape they take, similar to using a jig. We can also cut more than one type of material, which brings us to the topic of this post… Acrylic jigsaw puzzles.

We are now offering custom jigsaw puzzles cut from acrylic. We take your photo and adhere it between two pieces of smooth acrylic sheets, black on the back and crystal clear on the front. Having a hard time choosing between 2 different photos? We also offer double sided acrylic puzzles. Our 2-sided puzzles are different from our single sided puzzle in that we adhere 2 photos back-to-back before mounting to the acrylic, which is clear on both sides.

We think our new acrylic puzzles are great and love the glass like appearance they have. We would love to hear your feedback once you give them a try.

one sided acrylic jigsaw puzzle