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Puzzle Poetry

By jane, 01/21/2016 - 15:15


And now for some jigsaw puzzle themed poetry...


Jigsaw - Mark Ball

Fiddly bits and
Mismatched shapes;
Come into my house,
Shut off the drapes.

I'll piece them together
This one and that.
But you don't believe in board games
So it's bound to fall flat.

So let us start from the beginning,
The corners and the bottoms;
Work inwards.
But do not be surprised
If you are not that missing piece,
But just a part of another's

Humpy Dumpty - Duzy

I'm Humpty Dumpty, you know my name

I'm Humpty Dumpty of wall sitting fame

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Are useless at jigsaws

Lifes a Jigsaw - William Worthless

life is like a jigsaw you do it bit by bit
take it nice and slow make the pieces fit
put them all in place where they all should be
and a picture just like life you begin to see
when the pictures formed all so nice and neat
then you have everything to make your life complete