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Sweet Free Trick Or Treat

By jane, 10/15/2014 - 10:01
Sweet Free Trick Or Treat

Halloween is an exciting time for children of all ages and most parents too.  The costumes, staying up late, trick-or-treating with friends, the treats and making memories.  Unfortunately, post Halloween is often a different mix of feelings.  What are we supposed to do with all that candy?  Our household ends up with so much candy every year that much of it gets thrown out the following October to make room for yet more candy.  What can we do?  Don't be part of the problem, give out something other than candy!  

Here are some alternative candy ideas for your Halloween ghosts and ghouls…

10.  Halloween themed pencils and activity pads.

9.  Fruit snacks.

8.  Glow sticks are great fun and have really come down in price over the years.

7.  Anything that glows in the dark.

6.  Mini bags of microwave popcorn.

5.  Juice boxes to help keep trick-or-treating thirst at bay.

4.  Books!  You can find them at thrift stores or dollar stores.

3.  Non-perishable lunchbox packs or olives, jello/pudding cups, fruit and applesauce.

2.  Homemade crayons.

1.  Jigsaw puzzles!  Checkout our Halloween 18 pack.

Even now that you've decided to be part of the solution, you can't count on your neighbors to not fill your house with bucket loads of sweet treats.  What can we do with all that candy?  

Ideas for managing the candy brought home…

1.  Pay your kids for pieces of their candy.

2.  Have your kids leave their candy out for the "Hungry Halloween Witch" who will in return leave them a non-candy surprise.

3.  Research what businesses in your area offer candy trade ins.  Many towns have dentists or other offices that will give your kids something in exchange for their candy.

4.  Send your candy to our troops.

5.  Tuck your kids in bed and eat all the candy yourself ;)