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Up In Pieces Custom Puzzles

Quality custom jigsaw puzzles cut just the way YOU want

What is a bleed and how does it affect my image?

In order to print your image all the way to the edge of the puzzle, we must cut off a small amount of the picture when cutting the puzzle. The part of the image that is cut off is called the bleed. Most of our puzzles require a 1/8" full bleed which means 1/8" all the way around the image is cut off when cutting the puzzle.

Biggest Puzzle In The World puzzles require a larger bleed since we must cut out knobs around the edge of the puzzle to interconnect with other BPITW sections. When choosing images for the Biggest Puzzle In The World, please allow for this extra bleed.

When your image does not allow for a bleed, we will add a solid color border so that the important parts of your picture do not get cut into.