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Up In Pieces Custom Puzzles

Quality custom jigsaw puzzles cut just the way YOU want
Valentine Super Pack (18 Puzzles)

Hand out special valentines that will be noticed this Valentines Day. Give away jigsaw puzzles customized with your text! Say "Happy Valentines Day from the Smiths", make them smile, and support brain health all at the same time. For less than the price of traditional greeting cards you get a variety of 18 customized 4"x6" puzzles with valentines themed images, figure pieces, and between 6 and 28 pieces in each puzzle to accommodate loved ones from ages 3 to 103. You will receive 3 of each print and each cut per 18 pack. Finished puzzle size is 3.75"x5.75", 1/8" thick with piece sizes ranging from 2" to 3/4". Every puzzle includes at least one valentine themed figure piece or shaped border.

Text to be printed on the puzzle(s).
Cut Style: 
Hexagonal, Jigsaw, Stone, Swirl
Puzzle Size (Actual): 
3.75 × 5.75 × 0.0625 in