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Custom Puzzles as Fundraisers

If you think that the idea well for fundraisers is running low— then you should think again! Custom puzzles are becoming popular alternatives to the typical fundraiser and are often quite successful. Since the key to any fundraiser is awareness of the event and the cause, the unique quality of selling pieces of a custom jigsaw puzzle will often make people sit up and take notice. After all, how many fundraisers involve people trying to find the exact spot for their recently purchased puzzle piece? However, keep in mind that you should probably have a spare custom puzzle on hand in case all the pieces do not return as promised so that you can display the finished product without gaping holes from errant pieces.

There are endless designs and styles that you can use for custom puzzles, and Up In Pieces is the one-stop shop for all of your custom puzzle needs. Many churches, schools, and community groups raise money for buildings by creating a photo puzzle portraying the proposed building. When all the pieces of the puzzle are put together, the building comes to life. This method of fundraising works to literally show the community what they can do when everyone offers a small piece of themselves. In many instances, using custom puzzles as fundraisers is far more successful than other traditional forms of fundraising.

Once the entire custom puzzle is assembled, you can also auction off the puzzle in order to add more cash to your kitty. For this reason, you should strive to choose a high quality custom puzzle that looks professional and beautiful. In addition to having the latest technology and the guidance of a professional graphic designer on hand, the chosen image of the puzzle is incredibly important and should be one that best represents your company.