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Up In Pieces Custom Puzzles

Quality custom jigsaw puzzles cut just the way YOU want
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High Quality Custom Puzzles

Custom puzzles may be more expensive than the typical store-bought jigsaw puzzles, but the quality of Up In Pieces blows away the competition. If you are tired of the same old jigsaw puzzle, then a customized puzzle is your best option. Using the latest technology along with time-tested puzzle making techniques, your custom jigsaw puzzle from Up In Pieces is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality.

Laser cutting technology used at Up In Pieces allows for uniquely cut pieces. Instead of the standard die-cut pieces used by most other jigsaw puzzle makers, this laser cut allows individuals to include special figures and even words into their puzzles. If you are interested in puzzle pieces that fall into place perfectly each and every time, then a laser cut puzzle is the right one for you. Since the puzzle pieces lie flat, the lines are much less visible, allowing the true image of the puzzle to be enjoyed without distortion.

What good is a photo puzzle without a photo? For this reason, there is a great amount of attention given to the quality of the photo paper and inks used for printing the picture. Ultrachrome inks—which are water resistant and UV resistant—are considered the pinnacle of puzzle making. In addition to top-quality ink, the highest quality photograph paper is used in order to provide a thick and durable medium for the ink. Finally, a coat of varnish is applied to seal in the ink and protect the surface of the photo puzzle for lifetimes to come.