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Trade Show Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

Personalized jigsaw puzzles make the perfect trade show giveaway item that is sure to bring a great deal of attention and buzz to your booth. Raffles and giveaways are standard practice in the trade show world, but how many raffles and giveaways use jigsaw puzzles to find their winners? For this reason, you can create a widely varied attraction at your booth that will get your company’s name on the lips of everyone in attendance. When it comes to ordering these custom puzzles, the process is simple and easy. In addition to a high quality personalized puzzle that is durable, you can invest your company’s money in one that looks professional and is designed by an actual graphic designer.

The first step in creating a trade show custom puzzle is to design your puzzle and submit your order. For this step, the talented staff of Up In Pieces will be glad to assist you with your every need—from the right image to the size, number of pieces, and any extra elements like borders, graphics, or text. This design can be a photograph of your company’s product, your company’s logo, or an image of the company’s happy staff. The choices are endless and the access to a graphic designer will ensure that your photo puzzle looks polished and professional. In addition to ordering your puzzle, you will also need to order numerous extra pieces. These pieces do not fit the puzzle so that only a few winners will hold the correct pieces.

The second step is to distribute the pieces. In this step, the winning pieces and the random pieces will be mailed out to the patrons of the show. Another way to distribute the pieces is by stationing someone at the door to hand out a piece to each entrant. As each individual approaches your puzzle, he or she will try the piece to see if it fits into the missing spots. When a piece fits, the holder will be awarded a special prize predetermined by your company. This entire process is far more interesting than something as simple as a raffle and will certainly bring a great deal of attention to your company’s trade show booth.