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Custom Puzzles as Messengers

What better way to say a unique message than with custom puzzles? These fantastic customized puzzles from Up In Pieces are the perfect way to get your point across in a fun and fanciful manner. This is just one way in which individuals are using photo puzzles—and the message puzzle is incredibly distinctive for individuals of all ages with something on their minds.

In addition to a ring and a willing guy or gal, the custom puzzle can be an important part of modern day engagements. Whether you are in love with a puzzle lover or just want to have a bit of fun popping the question, having a customized puzzle made with a special photo of yourself and your sweetie along with custom text is a fantastic way to get him or her to scream “yes!”

If you’re interested in giving a gift that’s unable to be wrapped, but still want something to present, consider a custom puzzle. For example, if you are giving your parents a much-deserved cruise to the Bahamas; consider ordering a customized photo puzzle with an appropriate picture and details of the trip. This idea works well for any occasion that would require a big surprise (but you want the recipient to do a little work before the big “ta da” moment).

Other uses of customized puzzles include business cards and promotional items. If your job is to make the metaphorical pieces of the puzzle come together, advertise with the literal thing! Handing over personalized jigsaw puzzles instead of a boring pamphlet is clever, chic, and trendy!