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Difficulty of Custom Puzzles

Whether you are looking for an extremely difficult custom puzzle or an easy one for a younger audience, there are many unique options that can change the difficulty of any puzzle. Especially when it comes to personalized jigsaw puzzles. Many puzzle enthusiasts find that traditional store-bought photo puzzles are lacking in difficulty or interest. For this reason, many individuals are turning to custom jigsaw puzzles in order to get the true satisfaction of completing a difficult puzzle.

The best way to produce a truly difficult custom puzzle is by choosing the correct image. Images with fewer details, similar shapes, and fewer colors are considered the most difficult because the individual pieces are harder to identify. For example, an image of a vast field of flowers, or even something as strange as a mud puddle, can be extremely complicated in their assembly.

In addition to the image, the number of puzzle pieces can work to make a puzzle more difficult. Generally, younger audiences prefer puzzles with fewer pieces in order to reduce the difficulty of the puzzle. The rule of thumb is that more pieces make a harder puzzle.

Another way to control the difficulty of custom puzzles is by selecting the specific cut style of the pieces. Up In Pieces offers a variety of cut styles that work to make your puzzle truly a one of a kind. Additionally, the knowledgeable designers will assist you in creating a custom puzzle to your exact specifications.