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Up In Pieces Custom Puzzles

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What are Photo Puzzles?

Photo puzzles are art, entertainment, and keepsakes all rolled into one! By choosing a photograph and having a puzzle custom made, you are creating a unique puzzle that is truly a one of a kind. Better still, picture puzzles make wonderful gifts for friends and family members. If you are scratching your head over the perfect gift, look no further than a custom puzzle to serve all of your gift-giving needs. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, retirements, celebrations, or “just because” are all excellent opportunities to give the unique gift of a custom puzzle.

The process of making your own personalized jigsaw puzzles is simple and easy—especially with Up In Pieces. All you have to do is choose the photograph, select the customization options, and await the shipment of your personalized jigsaw puzzle. By choosing from a wide variety of customization options, you can take your picture puzzle from ordinary to extraordinary. Consider including specialty puzzle pieces in fun and fancy shapes. Say something special to that certain someone by including a unique word in the form of a puzzle piece or by adding text to your custom jigsaw puzzle. Your puzzle maker is waiting to present you with a fantastically original jigsaw puzzle!

If you are planning a special event, consider using a photo puzzle. One exciting use for a custom jigsaw puzzle is as a party favor. More and more often, brides and grooms are turning to unique favors.  Puzzles won't be left behind as other party favors may be. Imagine assembling a lovely heart-shaped puzzle featuring the happy couple and a special message.