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Up In Pieces Custom Puzzles

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Share Your Treasured Photos with Custom Puzzles

Get your favorite family photos, vacation snapshots, and formal portraits out of the dusty old box and do something unique with the treasured images such as make a puzzle. Today’s custom puzzles are available in a wide array of styles, shapes, and difficulty levels so that you can become a personalized jigsaw puzzle maker! Consider giving these puzzles from photos as gifts for any occasion under the sun or use them in your own home for a way to bring everyone in your family together.

These custom puzzles are even easier to create with the advent of digital images. If you have a digital camera, all you have to do is e-mail a file and your picture puzzle will arrive in the mail! The process couldn’t be easier. Digital pictures tend to be neglected more than printed pictures. Instead of sitting in a storage box, digital images are confined to a memory card or hard drive—literally being out of sight and out of mind. Dig your favorite photographs out of their digital storage devices and start the process of making your very own photo puzzle today!

In addition to regular puzzles that feature a familiar image, consider creating a truly unique puzzle using several different images, text, and extra additions that turn an ordinary puzzle into an extraordinary custom puzzle. One great example is a collage puzzle, which uses the images from several different photographs to complete one professionally designed puzzle. In addition to allowing you to choose from a variety of your favorite photos, the collage custom puzzle can have an increased difficulty. If you are interested in a custom puzzle, contact Up in Pieces today and check out their wide variety of options and the knowledge from their talented graphic design staff.