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Cut Styles for Custom Puzzles

Believe it or not, there are far more options available for custom puzzles than the image field. These options include cut styles that can completely change the type of puzzle that you order. By choosing from a selection of cut styles in addition to the number of pieces in the puzzle, you can make the puzzle easy to assemble or much more challenging.. Furthermore, these different styles of pieces for picture puzzles offered by Up In Pieces allow you to create a unique type of puzzle that certainly could not be bought from a store! Anyone is sure to enjoy a gift of personalized jigsaw puzzles that use non-traditional cut styles to create the individual pieces.

By far, the most popular type of cut styles for custom puzzles and mass-produced puzzles is the jigsaw. The construction of this piece (historically by cutting a sheet of wood using a special jigsaw) lent its name to the puzzle and propelled it into the history books. However, all jigsaw puzzles are not alike. Since custom made puzzles are created using high quality materials and techniques, the pieces are guaranteed to literally fall into place which makes the lines virtually disappear. Other cut styles for custom puzzles include more whimsical patterns like the swirl. This style is a unique take on the traditional jigsaw and can provide hours of fun.  Anyone looking for a challenge should consider the stone cut style, as these pieces are not based on a typical grid pattern. Instead of attaching at the top, bottom, and sides like the jigsaw pieces, the stone cut pieces can connect on five or more sides. This variability makes the entire completion of the puzzle more difficult.