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Secrets of a Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

When it comes to making custom puzzles, only the highest quality materials and latest technology will do for the discerning client. The process used by Up In Pieces to make a custom jigsaw puzzle is actually quite complex, beginning with a talented graphic designer and ending with a top quality product delivered to your doorstep. Regardless if your puzzle is going to be a gift, promotional giveaway, or a fantastic way to spend time with your family, you will surely appreciate the amount of time and effort that went in to making a completely custom puzzle.

The first step in puzzle making is the printing. Since these puzzles are custom puzzles, the quality of the ink is incredibly important. Ultrachrome inks are preferred due to their resistance to water and to UV light. By ensuring that the ink is resistant to water, you will not experience any bleeding of colors in your picture puzzle. In addition to the ink, the paper is a durable photo paper preferred by the upscale puzzle manufacturers.

After the ink is dry, the printed image is then ready for the next step--mounting the background. This step involves a heat process that firmly secures the photo paper to the cardboard backing. Once the bonding process is complete, the next step is the creation of the custom jigsaw puzzle. This step is completed by a laser cut that allows each piece to fit into place each and every time. By using a laser to cut the pieces of your photo puzzle, the lines usually associated with a jigsaw puzzle are less visible, making the finished product much more attractive and perfect for framing.